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Penn House Farmhouse

With increasing mechanisation, the demand for workers on the Estate, in farming, forestry, Penn House and its gardens, has reduced, resulting in a surplus of cottages and farm houses. The reduction in the current working staff has also led to a decrease in the need to house ex-employees who have retired. Today less than 25% of the Estate's houses are occupied by employees or ex-employees.

        Penn Farm House

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Houses available for rental vary from large farm houses, such as Penn House Farmhouse in Penn Bottom to terraced cottages like Pauls Hill, Penn. Many including both of the above are Grade II listed buildings, full of interest and character. The beautiful Seagraves Farmhouse, Winchmore Hill, is reputably the oldest house in the parish of Penn – certainly none have more spectacular views.

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During the 1960s and 1970s many houses were sold and maintenance on the remaining properties was minimal. The Estate acquired a name for cheaper unimproved accommodation in an otherwise wealthy and expensive area. Since his succession to the title in 1986 the 7th Earl Howe has sought to reverse this trend, spending considerable sums on the restoration and improvement of Estate Houses.

Today the houses on the Estate enhance the naturally beautiful area of the Chilterns. From time to time they become available to rent. Initial enquiries should be made at the estate office.